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Four Common Problems with Landscape Irrigation

Calhound Irrigation Systems

There a number of advantages that a great landscape irrigation system can provide you with. If nothing else, you at least won't need to spend all summer standing in your yard with a garden hose. Aside from that, you'll never need to worry about being too busy to remember to water your lawn, and irrigation systems will make caring for your Calhoun home's landscape much easier and more convenient.

However, when there are any problems with your irrigation system, they can be extremely frustrating.

When these problems crop up, the professionals at Landscape Creations, Inc. can help you solve them quickly, so don't hesitate to give us a call. And don't forget: the regular professional maintenance of your irrigation system is a the best way to make sure it's always functioning as well as possible.

Some irrigation problems have simple fixes, but you'll need to be able to identify the problems before you can take action. Here are some of the most common irrigation problems you'll encounter:

Clogged Sprinklers

Dirt and other tiny debris can make their way into your sprinkler heads, and over time this can cause a lot of trouble. Very little to no water will be able to make its way out of your sprinkler to your landscape, and if it’s not taken care of, that can be a major problem for your Calhoun home's lawn.

But most of the time you can easily unclog your sprinklers yourself. Find the problem area and identify the sprinklers that are clogged. Then remove the spray nozzle and gently and thoroughly rinse it and its filter until it’s clear.

Obstructed Sprinklers

If you have a large and complicated irrigation system, keeping track of where all of your sprinklers are located can be difficult. It's not uncommon for some of these sprinklers to become accidentally blocked by some landscape features.

Make sure that trash cans, plants, or other objects aren’t blocking the stream of sprinklers. Plants will often grow in unexpected ways, and you can easily not realize that your Calhoun home's landscape is starting to work against your irrigation system. So to get the best performance from your irrigation, make sure the area around your sprinklers is well-maintained.

Design Problems

Your landscape will change over time, either through your intervention or because of the natural growth of plants. Any time you make any changes to your Calhoun home's landscape, you’ll want to be sure you aren’t impeding your Calhoun irrigation system. Depending on the changes, you may need to adjust the height or location of your sprinklers.

Missing Nozzles

Nozzles will come loose over time, or you may accidentally tear them off while you're doing yard work. When a nozzle is missing, large quantities of water will pour out of the sprinkler, which can have a negative effect on the rest of your irrigation system.

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